We can use the emerging market bond ETFs in US dollars to create a passive income.
The specified ETFs gives a coupon in US dollars once a month, so it represents itself a passive income..
You can visit the Italian stock market website at the following link to check the amount and the dates in detail:

borsa italiana

To get a good result it is important to buy this tool in the right way and at the right time.
It is ideal to take advantage from the relative minimum reached by the quotations, where a long or short bullish trend starts.
In this way we will get two advantages:
– favorable purchasing prices
– a good dividend / yield ratio.
To do that, we are going to use an indicator applied to the ETF chart as shown in the picture:


Any time that the indicator (continuous black line in the bottom of the chart) reaches or gets very close to its lower limit, as indicated by the red circles, you make a purchase!
In this way you have the reasonable assurance that your investment has a low risk / profit ratio: that is to say that in addition to the coupons you will also have a capital increase.

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