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In this area we are going to create an ideal portfolio able to achieve a monthly income, just like a salary, and to enhance the capital, considering all the remarks that you can find in about the asset class and the right moment to buy them.
All the investments that we will suggest, being profit distribution, will produce money that will be credited to your bank account and you can choose if spending it or investing it again up to increase the coupon value considerably.
For convenience we are going to start from a €100,000 capital and anyone can create the portfolio on the basis of its own means.
The operations will not be frequent because trading area is suited for that, and both the amount and the bought value will be indicated with the relative date. This give you the possibility to check reference prices if you will sign up underway.
Even the amount of not invested liquidity will be indicated, it will remain in your bank account ready to be invested in the right moment.
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