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Oil Analysis

Is Oil and opportunity or as many analysts say will it reach 20$ per barrel?

First of all there is a big difference between the North Sea oil (Brent) and the most known crude oil from the Arab region (crude oil).

Each of them has its own value and trend, but now we will anailize the crude oil.

As Easy-Trend always does, we will analyze in an unpersonal way the crude oil trend, using algorithms that for sure can not be influence by emotionality.

As we go on to say, our emotionality, fueled by the Media and the big banks reports, does not allow us to see the objective reality!

Looking at the chart below, by the comparison between the oil trend and an algorithms we can make some considerations.

easytrend analisi petrolioWhen the algorithm (continuous black line in the downward chart) reaches the lower swinging stripe we are facing an investment opportunity (red circles), but when the algorithm reaches the higher stripe the values can go through strong price swings (blue circles).

Particularly in 2008 (blue circle) the price was 200$ per barrel, but some well-known banks forecast 400$ target.

You all know what happened!

So, is it recommended to buy oil?

How can you take advantage of this opportunity?

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