The dream of any investor is knowing when the S&P500 will reach its minimum peak.
If you can identify that moment you would have the guarantee to achieve big profits and also a low ratio between risk and yield on the investment.
In the following picture you can see the S&P500 trend since 1952 and, below, an indicator that swings within two horizontal blue lines.
Using this simple tool you can obtain an important information:


when the indicator lies in the bottom of its swinging range, the S&P500 ends its bearish trend and from there it starts to raise.
That is what happened since the birth of this index!
It guarantees that, for any investment done in these conditions, you would have a low lost risk and a high profit chance.
The indicator may never reach this level and the market may remain positive, but it is rationally certain that when these conditions occur, a very important purchase opportunity arise.
When the indicator achieves a low value, it is not necessary, and not even important that the market reaches a minimum peak lower than the previous one, the important thing is that the market reaches a relative bottom and it is ready to raise.
It is important to connect a strategy to the given signal.

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